nodconcept™ Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Our Emoti and Emoti HD apps allow you to Post to Facebook. The Apps are authorized to do so by the User through Facebook’s authorization process.

The App:

May access the Users’ Friend lists, Fan Pages, Admin Pages, Groups.
May Post to the Users’ Feed or their Friends Feed.
Only accesses each type of data when directed to do so by the user.
Displays a permission dialog in order to gain access to each type of data.
Can have all permissions revoked by the user via
Only ever posts to Facebook in response to a direct action from the User.
Caches some data (Friend lists and Profile pictures) to make start-up faster, but refreshes all data on each launch.
Never sends any data to nodconcept servers, or anyone else’s. nodconcept has no access to Users’ Posts.
Occasionally contacts nodconcept servers in order to check for additional emoticon updates. If new ones are found, the App asks permission to update.