Emoti iPhone App adds page sorting [LoopInsight]

Jim Dalrymple of LoopInsight loves the new UI we added to Emoti for Facebook. “It never ceases to amaze me” are his opening words. See the full article here.

Emoti user interface video on YouTube

Emoti for Facebook version 1.1 is on the iTunes App Store. It adds a ton of new features over the previous version but also adds a new user interface for jumping to, & sorting of pages views in the App. It rocks! Check out the video here.

Gearing up for MacWorld [TUAW]

Mike Rose of TUAW is heading out to MacWorld and two of nodconcept’s travel apps, Travel Assistant & Rooms, have found a place on his iPhone. Full article here.

Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Travel Assistant Pro, our flagship travel iPhone App, has been selected & recommended by Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus for his latest book. Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies. If you don’t have it already, we suggest you get a copy of both!

A face on your Facebook updates [TUAW]

Mike Rose of TUAW has written a great review of Emoti on TUAW and says “it could not be simpler to use.” We agree! Full article here.

The Beard speaks!

We are big fans of The Beard, and now “he” has his own blog. Fun stuff.

Facebook bug is fixed [CNET]

Our favorite news story of the day is on CNET. A bug, which was causing our Emoti App to crash has been fixed. Good news is that it was fixed in less than 24 hours.

Mashable says Emoti "will be a hit."

Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable has written a great review of our Emoti for Facebook App and she expects “this app to be a hit.” We agree! Read the full article here.

Emoti for Facebook "does it really well". [LoopInsight]

Jim Dalrymple of LoopInsight has just starting using our new iPhone App “Emoti for Facebook” and it’s already one of his favorites. Read the full article here.